Home Away From Home: Discover 3 Comforts of Short-Term Corporate Housing in Chicago

Mar, 18 2016

Short-term corporate housing offers a home away from home that far surpasses the benefits provided by an extended stay hotel or regular hotel stay. Professionals who are constantly on the go can enjoy convenient, furnished and centrally located short-term corporate housing in Chicago outfitted with a wide range of amenities that the typical hotel cannot match.  These can include expansive business centers with meeting rooms, luxurious pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, movie theaters, membership style gyms, and various lounging options. Here are three of the additional luxuriously decadent comforts enjoyed by choosing short-term corporate housing in Chicago.

An Authentic Home Feel

Daily housekeeping may seem like a nice function on the surface, but for an extended stay, housekeeping services can quickly become an annoying intrusion. Shattering the notion of a living at home feeling, you will be well aware of the fact that you are a guest.  Pinnacle Furnished Suites offers various housekeeping options, including none at all, at your discretion.

Short-term corporate housing offers the chance to experience a genuine home environment during an extended stay. The longer you will be staying, whether for a temporary relocation, an extended vacation or long work obligations, the more important it is to sleep in a bed that feels authentically yours. When you travel frequently, you owe it to yourself to be comfortable in your extended living space.  Consider a hotel, where leaving for a weekend will result in a different room every time.  With corporate housing, you always return to the same living quarters, you can keep your personal belongings in the closet, and you truly feel at home.  This is one reason our tagline is “welcome home”!

Essential Amenities

Imagine that you return to your hotel late in the evening after concluding a conference. Now, imagine that you are hungry. In an extended stay hotel, you typically are reduced to ordering room service or finding a dining option nearby. Short-term corporate housing units alleviate this issue by having a full kitchen right in your new home which includes all the cooking essentials such as pots, pans, cookware, plates, silverware, etc. Not only does this provide convenience, it also ensures that you can eat healthy food while away from home on extended business. Cooking at home helps you eat healthier since you know what is going into your body, and it also will save you money, which is why a full kitchen is an essential consideration when choosing short-term housing.

Other amenities are similarly beneficial. Corporate housing provides luxury options that most hotels could never match, including:

  • Pools
  • Saunas
  • Movie Theaters
  • Steam Rooms

Pinnacle Furnished Suites furnished housing options always have in unit washers and dryers as well, only enhancing the comfort and convenience of short-term corporate housing. In effect, living in corporate housing is a healthier and more convenient lifestyle choice compared to an extended stay hotel, and healthier living is better living.

Price and Location

Where comfort is concerned, reduced financial strain and saving valuable time each day are essential considerations for the busy professional. Short-term and luxury corporate housing in Chicago is centrally located in the heart of the city, all while costing far less than the luxury Chicago hotels promulgating the Loop, River North, Streeterville, West Loop, and other desirable parts of the city. And, while short-term corporate housing has a better location and costs less, it even outdoes these hotels in terms of amenities.

Where price and location are concerned, Pinnacle Furnished Suites is Chicago's best short-term housing choice. To learn more about why Pinnacle should be your Chicago "home away from home", visit our website and browse our listings.

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