9 Benefits of Chicago Fully Furnished Short Term Housing vs. Hotels

Jan, 06 2016

Expecting a new business guest can be a very stressful time for a company. You want to ensure that this individual is accommodated well, has a great experience, and leaves impressed with your company and work.

One of the best ways to ensure that they have a positive experience is to make sure their living situation and accommodations are quality. Short-term corporate housing is the best solution for business travelers that travel often and will be in Chicago for 30 days or more.

While some people put their guests up in fancy hotels, the fact remains that they'll have a hotel feel to them and that can get old and tiring quickly. Instead, consider looking into short-term luxury apartments. Not only will they have the feelings of comfort associated with a home, but Pinnacle Furnished Suites provides benefits for short-term housing that hotels can't match, including a better location and floorplan for the price, full apartment essentials, and more privacy.

1. Price

Hotels in the heart of Chicago, including The Loop, Streeterville, West Loop and River North can be quite costly on a per-night basis. The cost will quickly add up and prices often spike during busy periods or weekends. Opting for short-term housing in a luxury apartment will almost always be more economical because instead of a fluctuating price from day-to-day, you'll be charged a flat rate for the length of time you're in the Windy City.


2. Affordable Luxury

All suites are fully furnished, including pots and pans, tableware, linens and more. Appliances are top of the line too and include a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and cooktop, microwave, and washer and dryer. In addition, you are never cramped into a single room as you would be in a hotel. Our properties are spacious, have top-of-the-line finishes, and lots of lighting. Can you find a hotel with all of the same?


3. Easy to Get Around

Hotels in downtown Chicago are expensive, hotels outside of downtown may be less, but traffic into and out of the city can make the trip time consuming and draining. PFS offers the convenience of downtown Chicago luxury with the affordability of properties priced below market. A stay at one of PFS’ luxury properties can be half the cost of staying at a hotel and includes many more features.


4. Full-Service Kitchen

While there are plenty of restaurants to get your food fix in Chicago, there's something about home cooking that is hard to beat -- including the price!  Fully-furnished apartments have kitchens stocked with plates, utensils, and pots and pans to prepare meals and eat at home in a relaxing environment.

5. Privacy

Hotels can offer daily room cleaning, but this isn't always a good thing.  Knowing that at some point every day a maid will be in your temporary home can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially if you have valuable items in the space.  Knowing that you can relax and feel like you're truly at home in your apartment is a sweet feeling you just can't get in a hotel.


6. Closet Space

Short term housing provides the added bonus of providing a location to leave clothes and personal items while you travel back home. There's no need to lug a suitcase around while you travel to and from when you can leave a standard set downtown!  For road warriors and busy travelers, this is a HUGE bonus.  Avoiding checked luggage on flights to and from your home base in Chicago can aid in reducing many headaches, as well as save time.


7. Convenient

Just bring your clothes and toothbrush, as our units come fully stocked down to the towels, sheets, pillows, and kitchenware. We also include cable, wireless Internet (WiFi), electricity, gas, water, and access to all building amenities including the pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, movie theaters, and gyms (all as applicable) in the monthly rent.


8. Bring Your Pets

Pinnacle Furnished Suites and our luxury rental buildings are pet-friendly. However, some do have breed restrictions, weight limits, and pet-specific floors. Additional fees for pets will typically apply and will vary per building.  Many buildings offer "dog runs", which are potty break areas within the building.  Who wants to go outside on a cold day just to let their pet relieve themselves?  Try finding that feature in a hotel!

9. Feels Like Home

After a day filled with meetings, negotiations, and planning; it just feels good to go home. You’ve spent the day enjoying the crowds and tumult associated with visiting new attractions, now you long for the peace and quiet of home.  Buy a plant, put up pictures, whatever you want to do to make it feel like home you can do.  It's YOUR HOME!


If you’re looking to reserve an apartment for your business travels or travelers, we’re the people you’ll want to talk to. For information about our fully furnished housing in the heart of Chicago, Contact Us today or check out some other Frequently Asked Questions.


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