Why Use Short-Term Housing

Reasons Outside of Business To Use Short-Term Corporate Housing

As you hear the term “Short-Term Corporate Housing,” you may discount the qualifications you have for staying in the lavish and comfortable suites Pinnacle Furnished Suites has to offer. However, this is a common misconception and may be keeping you and many others from convenient and timely opportunities for temporary stays in luxury apartments. There are many life circumstances and experiences that simply merit the freedoms that short term furnished housing offers. Here are a few prime examples of life situations that Pinnacle Furnished Suites can offer you a great deal of assistance with.


Things simply don't always go as planned with a move. Sometimes the new house isn't ready on time; or your former home either sells too quickly, or not as quickly as you'd like. Maybe you need to stay in the area until the school year ends, or you'd like to get to know Chicago a little better before deciding where to buy. Living like a local is the best way to truly get a feel for a new area, and the short-term nature of Pinnacle Furnished Suites is perfect for the time you need, with a location right in the heart of Chicago, making the surrounding environment and shopping much more accessible.

One unique feature of Pinnacle Furnished Suites, is that we can provide housing assistance beyond your short term furnished needs.  We are a sister company with Chicagoland Property Group (see and employ many leasing and sales agents that would be more than happy to assist you with your transition into longer term housing, whether that be renting or buying.  Remember, this is always a FREE service!  Working with various different companies for your general real estate needs is no longer necessary.  Let our experienced agents handle the handoff between these two industries easily and seamlessly.

Educational Courses

Because Chicago is a world-class city with many opportunities for special study and sabbaticals, it's only natural to want to live someplace that's a bit more homey and comfortable than a hotel or dorm room. Students and visiting faculty alike will appreciate the comfort and the economy of short-term corporate housing. No matter how plush that hotel room might be, it's always better to be "at home" away from home. Midnight snacks (without getting dressed) are one of the best reasons for choosing an apartment with a full kitchen. We'll bet you'll also appreciate the "spread out" space that an apartment provides, as well as high-rise amenities like Wifi and cable television, doormen, pools and fitness centers. When you have the option to stay a month, a semester or a full year or more, it's even better.

Family Visits

Family time is a wonderful opportunity to catch up to speed with loved ones and make new memories, but a common road-block of reunions and new babies is the housing needs of visiting family members. When parents (as well as children or grandchildren) arrive for an extended stay, a family celebration, or to visit a new baby, temporary home-like accommodations are far more geared to their specific needs than a blow-up mattress in a tight living room. The average individual might agree that bathroom sharing between a crowd of people makes for hot tempered mornings. Choosing a corporate furnished apartment close to shopping or in the midst of the financial district will provide them with a much more comfortable and convenient stay. You may want to take advantage of scoring brownie points by putting the in-laws near Chicago's great museums, or close to the lakeshore.

Extended Vacation in the City

A real urban adventure in Chicago involves venturing out on your own and sensing the life of the city in all its moods, while meeting local people and "feeling the vibe." Truly getting to know the life and buzz in Chicago could also involve visiting parks and museums, enjoying performances, participating in community events, all the while sampling fine cuisine that is limitless. The excursions are ultimately endless, and you already know you will miss out on things before you’ve arrived in the city. However, if you want to get to know Chicago, there is no better way to do it than to stay in the heart of the city in Pinnacle Furnished Suites short-term housing. This is a chance to delve into a culture deeply, and stay for the proper amount of time you need to enjoy the city to its fullest. Snowbirds go south for the winter, but if you want to "go downtown" for your vacation, make your temporary address a unique "city resort." You can assure you'll have all the conveniences close at hand when you pick corporate short-term housing. It's even better than owning a vacation condo.

Temporary Quarters During Home Renovation

If Chicagoland is your home, and you're planning a remodel or addition, you're probably dreading the constant stream of contractors and the disruption to your normal routine. Rather than planning a trip out of town, which could cause added worry, why not book a stay at a short-term luxury apartment? You'll be close enough to check on construction progress, available to make decisions and write checks as needed, but far enough away that you won't regret the decision to renovate. It can be the perfect solution.

You Don’t Need To Be A Business Road Warrior to Stay with Pinnacle Furnished Suites

The best part? You thought this was only for business travelers. Spread the word and don’t miss the chance to utilize these luxurious, sleek, and comfortable suites. Lease terms at Pinnacle Furnished Suites can be as short as 30 days, but you can rent a unit for as long as you need one. Your temporary apartment will include everything from linens to dinnerware. Just bring your clothes and your current paperback. Contact us for complete information. No matter what your reason for wanting temporary downtown housing, we know you'll be impressed with what we have to offer.

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