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Jan, 09 2016

The travel industry is big business – especially in a large city such as Chicago. Correspondingly, you are able to find various varieties of lodgings to suit your length of stay. In response to demand, Chicago's corporate housing industry has risen drastically in the past few years to keep up with growing national revenues of almost 2.5 billion dollars from 2009 to 2010 alone – according to the Corporate Housing Providers Association.

How Does Corporate Housing Differ from Other Lodgings?

Hotels tend to be more expensive, less personal, one-night stays. Without a kitchen or fridge as standard fare, you end up spending quite a bit of money just to eat.

Chicago corporate housing is more akin to traditional extended stay hotels or lodgings; but differs still in several important ways.. The corporate housing environment, for starters, is as close to renting an actual apartment home as possible. The units are typically much larger and with nicer finishes than either a hotel or extended stay inn can offer. Managed and looked after by professional corporate housing providers such as Pinnacle Furnished Suites in Chicago, these apartments or condos are much more suited to the long-term travelers (30 days or more) need for care-free living.

What Kinds of Buildings are Used in Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing can afford to replicate residential living because of the types of units used. Both property managers and private owners list townhomes, condominiums, executive rental units, single and multi-family homes and more on the market for travelers looking to stay for an extended period of time. Pinnacle focuses on the high end, ultra luxury market of furnished apartments at a less than luxury price point.

In general, accommodation levels between corporate providers vary from location to location, depending on price point, however, you can be fairly certain of the furnished aspect – this expectation is exclusive to the corporate housing niche, after all. Housing units at Chicago’s Pinnacle Furnished Suites, for example, possess brand new stainless steel appliances, exceptional cleanliness equal to a brand new home, absolute professionalism when dealing with customer service, and one of the most important attributes for the budget conscious, weary traveler – affordability without compromising comfort. Among the amenities that are a feature of Pinnacle's corporate housing units, you’ll find full gyms, saunas, pools, sun decks overlooking pristine downtown scenery, movie theaters and more! Don't forget, all units have washers and dryers and come fully stocked with pots, pans, cutlery, cookware, utensils, bowls, plates, towels, and linens. Just bring your clothes and personal toiletries! 

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